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Men’s Skin Care & Laser Hair Removal Treatments at our Birmingham Clinics

Choose from a range of face and body treatments for men, we offer prescribed male skin treatments, laser hair removal, skin treatments, exfoliating body scrubs and relaxing spa facials at our Birmingham clinics.

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It’s not easy to pick which treatment would be best for the skin concern, the guide below shows details about the skin condition and the treatments available.

All this will be covered in your skin consultation where the therapist will help you choose the right treatment.
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Here at the Male Skin Clinic in Birmingham, we provide a range of skin treatments for our male clients. We are experts in skincare and our team prides themselves on their vast experience and knowledge of skin treatments, it’s our aim to help our clients to meet their desired skin results – from anti wrinkle and ageing to skin rejuvenation, we do this through using only the best products, technology and techniques. We will treat clients with the best service, making sure they feel great inside and out and are full of confidence. For more information on the skin treatments that we provide across Birmingham, get in touch with the Male Skin Clinic today.

Skin Laser Treatments – Call Our Birmingham Clinic Today

We provide a range of skin laser treatments at our Birmingham clinic, this involves using the latest diode technology, to target the root of the hairs by using powerful light pulses. The skin laser therapy that we provide will allow you to see up to a 20% hair reduction in each session. Our skin laser treatments can be used on the face, beard, shoulders, leg, back and underarms. When you choose the Male Skin Clinic our clinical team and welcoming specialists we will help you to get the best possible results for your skin and ensure that every client and all customers are treated to the highest standards.

Acne Skin Treatments & Skin Care

Our skin therapists can treat a range of skin conditions including acne, oily skin, sensitive skin, dry and dehydrated skin, as well as treatments for anti ageing, skin brightening and uneven skin tones. Our Birmingham Clinic aims to provide laser hair removal that is both quick and efficient as well as value for money. We are located in the Birmingham area covering Spark Hill, Kings Heath and Hall Green, to find out more about the skincare features we provide or to book a skincare consultation, contact the Male Skin Clinic today. 

Microneedling Skin Treatments

At The Male Skin all of our treatments are performed by a male laser and skin consultant and our range of therapies includes chemical peels and microneedling, these particular treatments benefit and focus on reducing pore sizes, fine lines and increasing collagen and youthful skin. Our treatments aim to support any concerns you may have, as well as enhance your skin. We also offer skin smoothing solutions and facial treatments to ensure that you achieve your desired skin results. 

Exfoliating Scrub Skin Treatments

The benefits of body scrubs are to remove dead skin cells and increase absorption of moisture, unblock pores which increase skin health and can prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs.
The exfoliating scrub leaves your skin smoother, more radiant and improves the texture by removing dry skin, dull skin and helps increase the hydration. 
The body scrub is applied shoulder to toe on the front and back of the body for a full body exfoliation, the treatment can also be targeted if needed to specific body areas and then massaged with oils to soften and hydrate the skin. 
Using the sea salt scrub helps reduce the ageing of skin on the body by supporting skin cell turnover and body scrubs are a great tool for almost any skin type.

Massage Treatments

Deep tissue massage for men to reduce muscle tightness and stiffness in the back, shoulders, legs and buttocks. We offer a 30, 45 and 60 minute massage treatments.

Skin Clinic Birmingham

So what are you waiting for, the skincare specialists at The Male Skin Clinic will make you feel amazing both inside and out. All of our therapists are fully qualified and insured, so for more information on our skin treatments and skin care services, you can find us at our Birmingham clinic or call our team today!

All treatments start with a consultation and end with an aftercare plan so you can reach your desired skin results as quick as possible as well as maintaining the results. Book an appointment and visit our skincare experts today.


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