Its main purpose is to determine the best laser energy settings to use and to achieve the best results for your skin and hair type. This is because each laser has its specialities, lighter skin, darker skin, fine hair and so on. But within each laser there are also numerous settings that can be adjusted to give you the most effective treatment.
As needed more than one patch tests could be tried using different lasers to ensure we are using the best laser for you.

The patch test will aslo help you to gauge what your treatment will be like and how the laser will feel. If you are wondering what really happens, the sensation, if it is painful, how your skin will react and so on then the patch test is the perfect opportunity to get all of this answered without being booked in for a full treatment.

Finally, a patch test will indicate to you and your practitioner any adverse side effects or highlight any problems prior to a full treatment. Since it is carried out on just a small patch of skin, if there are any problems they will be minimal. The test is done at least 24 hours or a few days before your first full treatment so that any reactions have time to appear and your treatment plan can be adjusted if necessary, to ensure effective results with minimal side effects.

With highly trained specialists using the lasers, risk of side effects is very minimal but the patch test is a very good safety net for you and your technician to be absolutely certain and proceed safely ahead with your full treatment plan.

FAQ Regarding the Laser Hair Removal Patch Test

  • When do I get the patch test?

A patch test is commonly carried out at your initial consultation, after your details have been taken, including your medical history and any current medications. When you and your practitioner are agreed that Laser Hair Removal is safe for you to undergo, a patch test will be performed, this is several days before your full treatment.

  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for my patch test?

You should make sure that the area to be treated is clean. It does not have to be shaeved, as this will help the laser see the condition of the hair. It is vital that you do not remove any hair from the root in the run up to your treatment, so no plucking, epilating or waxing. This is because the root is needed for the laser to do its job. If you have forgotten or been unable to shave then your technician will be able to help.

  • Do I need to ask the Laser technician anything?

This is really up to you but certainly I would highly recommend having a good conversation with your practitioner and getting any questions or uncertainties you have handled now.

Things that are usually nice to know are if the person doing your consultation will be your permanent practitioner. What level of experience and training the practitioners have. What lasers they have available and what they would recommend to you and why.

  • Does the patch test have a charge?

We offer free patch tests to any enquiries along with the skin consultation. But do check if you are going to another clinic as this is not always the case. Some clinics charge for it and other clinics offer it for free only if you then buy a treatment plan.

  • What happens following the patch test?

If you are fully happy with your experience then this is the point you would normally sign up for a course of treatments. The first full treatment will always be a few days later to ensure that any adverse reactions to the laser have manifested. If you do see something (which is not very common) then of course let your technician know so that your treatment plan can be adjusted accordingly at the Male Skin Clinic.